FINALS 3 PEAT COLLAGE SHORTS - Sneaker Tees to match Air Jordan Sneakers


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6/22/18 These are a preorder and will ship by July. 

7/22/18 The first 200 orders have shipped. WIth the numerous amount of requests we have opened another Pre-Order to accommodate the support. 

8/03/18 we have expedited the shipping and all orders will ship soon. Look out for tracking #'s.

6/12/22 We appreciate the support with these shorts. Over 4200 sold. Were bringing them back better than ever. Everyone that pre ordered in April 22, your shorts are on the way. 

7/12/22 We ordered a shitload of inventory so all orders have shipped. But were running out. so if you dont see your size email us and we will take care of you. 


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