Shipping Policy


Missing Items: If your order is missing an item or items, it will most likely be shipping from another warehouse. To avoid holding merchandise, we ship as soon as a product is finished. Please check your tracking #'s. If you see /// within your tracking #, that is a separation of several tracking #'s

Tracking #'s: If your tracking # looks like this for example 1234567///89012345 that means you have (2) different packages and tracking #'s for ex. 1234567 is one package and 89012345 is package 2. Shipments with multiple packages will also be labeled Package1, Package 2 etc. 


1) Do you ship Worldwide? 

Yes, we offer Worldwide Shipping!

2) How long will it take for my Order to get shipped? 

All orders are dispatched to production within 24-48 hours to our warehouse after receiving the order.

AFTER Production (1-3 Days) Shipping estimates are 3-10 Business days depending on the shipping method chosen by the customer.  (some products are made to order so they take a little longer)

3)¬†Shipping¬†estimates might increase¬†for your order during‚ÄĮPublic Holidays and busy¬†periods.¬†Customs and Postal Service may also require extra time¬†to work on the processing /delivery during peak season or before major¬†festivals (e.g., Christmas).‚ÄĮ USPS takes 24 to 48 hours to scan and or update the location of the package.¬†

4) Once the package has been shipped and dispatched from the warehouse, any customs, natural occurrences, air and ground transportation strikes or delays are not held accountable by us. 


Extra charges like Import tax, duties and related Customs fees if applicable, are determined and charged by the Customs office of the destination country and the cost is not covered in payments you made to us. Please contact your local Customs office directly for further details.