When Just Do It goes wrong: Former Marketing Manager for Nike charged in $1.5M Fraud Scheme

Would you mess up a dream job? Well one Nike employee did. A former Nike Marketing employee was charged in a $1.5 million fraud scheme in an effort to “defraud the company” said U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams.


The Power brand found out that a former employee Errol Andam used pop up locations to send Nike invoices from 2016 to 2018 and ended up embezzling $1.5 million worth of Nike proceeds. Andam, who is 49 years of age, has worked for the company since 2001 until his termination in 2018. He was responsible for managing the design, building, and operation of pop-up venues at various sporting competitions and events across the country.

Unfortunately, he now faces several charges including wire fraud, money laundering, and making false statements on a loan application. Errol Andam would have to serve a 30 year sentence along with a fine of up to $4.5 million dollars and supervised release for five years. Stay tuned for any updates as the story develops.

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