What to wear with your Retro 3 Georgetown Jordans

Retro 3 Georgetown Shirts

Just added to the extensive Retro 3 Georgetown Collection, these "Practice?" Georgetown 3 shirts are the perfect match for your pair. As the release date approaches we are making sure you have the dopest Sneaker tees at your fingertips. If you know your history, Georgetown University has produced some of the most elite players in basketball history. A name that stands out the most is Allen Iverson, an explosive individual both on and off the court. He had an exceptional college career and an even better pro career, leading him to many accolades. He always stood up and did it vibrantly, showing that size did not matter. His famous rant regarding "Practice" is the inspiration for this Georgetown Retro 3 shirt. Check out the interview that inspired this shirt below. Also, check out more options to match the retro 3 Georgetown Air Jordans dropping March, 20, 2021.

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