Was the Jumpman logo inspired by New Balance?

Air Jordan Sneaker shirts and how New Balance inspired the Jumpman Logo

Surfing the net, I came across this older post via Chicitysports.com

What would the chances be if Nike's Jordan Brand logo was inspired by a not so sought after brand "New Balance"? We are all familiar with the Jordan Jumpman logo thats plastered all over the sports world. We see it on every type of apparel and sneakers with the branded logo on it can sometimes cause chaos amongst consumers. We've all been exposed to images in which we have solidified as the logo's birth. But, were these images the actual inspiration of the iconic Air Jordan logo? If you know your history, we know that before the emergence of the "Air Jordan" in 1985, Michael sported iconic brand "Converse" during his collegiate dominance and New Balance during his representation in the 1984 USA Olympic Games. Before the games there was always photoshoots of the players. One in particular captured Jordan soaring through the air. In that photo Jordan was actually wearing a pair of New Balance sneakers. 

Austin Scotti, who is the marketing manager at KITH, broke it all down via IG back in May of 2020. A great bit of Jordan history circulation "The Last Dance" episodes. 

Of course, New Balance had no skin in the game as far as landing MJ on a sneaker deal, but they definitely painted the visual. 

Yes, New Balance captured the moment but Nike sealed the everlasting deal, converting the Jordan Brand into the most popular and sought after sneaker to date and for many years to come. Our childrens' children will most likely ask for Jordans for Christmas. The rest is history...

Let's appreciate and educate these small moments that have helped manifest some of the best memories growing up. If it wasn't for this photoshoot, would there even be a Jumpman logo? It has molded many of us to who we are today and has left a long lasting impressing. I wouldn't have been inspired to create sneaker shirts if it wasn't for that logo. Never forget that life is a domino effect.




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