Retro 10 Super Sonics colorway debut & Sneaker Tees to match

Retro 10 Sonics Sneaker tees to match

This player exclusive last seen in 1995, worn by Kendal Gill, is making a come back October 19, 2019. The classic Retro 10 silhouette which has brought us such classics as the shadow 10's, Steel 10's, the Double nickels just to name a few, returns with yet another classic colorway not seen in 24 years. The "Supersonics" nickname came by way of shooting guard Kendal Gill, playing for Seattle at the time, who sported a pair of player exclusives in the teams prominent green color. With the 24 year span, this pair is a must have in case it doesn't reappear again in decades. 

Jordan retro 10 Sneaker shirts to match

If your looking for some dope tees to match this classic sneaker, check the Retro 10 Sonics tees to match below. Often forgotten in the shadows of Air Mike, this high flying power forward was nicknamed the "Rain Man" for many great reasons. His agility and and ability to depart the hardwood floors of many arenas was often bad news for any competitor that got in his way. This awesome sneaker tee depicts one of many epic air born poses performed in mid air by the legendary Rain Man Shawn Kemp. Available in two colorways, you can purchase these Retro 10 sneaker tees here. 

Air Jordan retro 10 Sonics shirts to match

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