Possible 2024 Return of The Retro 6 "Olympic" Silhouette


Retro 6 Olympic matching shirts

The potential return of the Olympic 6s in Fall 2024 has generated significant buzz among sneaker enthusiasts and collectors. These sneakers hold a special place in the hearts of many Jordan fans, as they represent a historic moment in sports and sneaker culture. The Air Jordan 6 is known for its iconic design and performance features, making it a highly sought-after silhouette.

While specific details about the retro release of the Olympic 6s are still unknown, fans can expect a faithful reproduction of the original design. The sneakers are likely to feature a full leather build across the upper, differing from the nubuck material used in some previous iterations. The colorway is expected to remain true to the original, with white as the base color and navy and red accents representing the Olympic rings.

Although not officially confirmed, Bird Club has some Olympic inspired apparel that will refresh your gear if you already own a pair from a previous release. Click the link to shop all Retro Jordan Olympic Inspired Gear. 

Retro 6 Olympic SHirts to match

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Updated 5/13/24

The Retro 6 "Olympic" Matching Collection is available for purchase. With over 50 options, this Olympic 6 Inspired Collection brings you the best Sneaker Matching Options on the market. 

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