Nike Foamposite "UNC Blue" Release info

Being a Foamposite you’d never think a UNC themed color would make its way on a Penny Hardaway sneaker. Although Penny’s collegiate career at Memphis did consist of Blue color ways. I guess Nike can do as they please. Any way the athletes over at UNC must be psyched that there is a foam which they can match their school gear with. Going back to its roots, the solid one color foamposite will definitely make a presence. With a lighter blue covering the foam outer shell, the black trims and inners give it a clean contrast. Not to mention the blue icey sole. You can get your hands on these for $230 sometime in January of 2016. We haven’t heard an official date, but stay tuned for any updates. Looking for Foamposite tees to match your foams? Look no further click on these two links to compare prices  Foamposite Tees & Bird Club Foamposite tees.

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