Nike Executive, Ann Hebert resigns after teen son uses her corporate card to fund his sneaker reselling business

 Ever wonder why every release day as soon as 9:59 turns to 10 am, you catch that "L" on the SNKRS app? Well, here is probably a major reason why many of us have struck out for months straight. It was recently reported that Ann Hebert a longtime Nike executive resigned Monday, a week after a Bloomberg Business report stated allegations of her teen son utilizing her corporate credit card to stack up on release day drops to fuel his lucrative sneaker resell business. Generating hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sneakers monthly, 19-year-old Joe Hebert aka "West Coast Joe" literally took the biggest "L" of the year. Joe managed to successfully set up a sophisticated business known as "West Coast Streetwear" to collect the most highly anticipated sneakers in large quantities to sell them for a profit. 

What about BOTS and insider information?

Bloomberg described transactions using bots, where Hebert and his crew overwhelmed a Yeezy Supply website accumulating a bill of $132,000 which he rapidly flipped for a $20,000.00 profit. Hebert also admitted that insider tips also helped in acquiring an edge over the product restrictions. 

Hebert also speaks on knowing the right people to flip quickly. Unfortunately, he does not give up his sources, but it leaves it up to our imagination to who he supplied. That will probably soon come to light once we see a lot of Instagrammers hit a sudden drought with their massive inventory posts.

Check out West Coast Street Wear's Instagram page to get a feel of what was once the plug. The face of the individual is always blurred out, but the cat is out of the bag it seems. 

Nike executive resigns. Son uses corporate card to purchase sneakers

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