NEW Designs to match the Agassi Hot Lava inspired Lebron 16

sneaker tees to match Lebron 16 Hot Lava

Not Lebron specific, but we took it to the source of inspiration of these Lebron 16's. Nike Tech Challenge sneakers were and still are a classic. Designed and worn for tennis legend Andre Agassi, the Flashy Neon player set the Tennis industry on fire with his bad boy style. This shirt to match the Lebron 16 Hot Lava design is a classic as well. Sporting the deco colors and splatters, this tee defines Agassi's attitude on the court. These can also go with your Nike Tech challenge sneakers as well if you own a pair. Look out for the green colorway coming soon. Check out the Sneaker Tees on the site to find these options. For more  and many other sneaker favorites check out the various options on the site.

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