New Carmine 6 Clothing Options for the release on February 13

Carmine 6 Shirts & Tees to match

Although Bird Club has already given you an extensive Carmine 6 Shirts collection, their design team isn’t finished yet. For the latest additions to the Sneaker Tees site options, they have added some gear for the colder temperatures. Available in two classic colors, this Retro 6 Carmine hoody and joggers set is a must if you want to coordinate your Jordans. Black, Red and White in any way shape or form will match many Air Jordan designs on the market. Sporting an oversized print, these garments are cut and sewn and made to fit perfectly. The design entails a nostalgic print of retro Air Jordan designs we saw back in the 80’ and 90’s. You can buy each piece separately, but copping as a set is the way to go. The joggers feature a large twenty print on one leg and a smaller thigh print on the other. These will definitely be a hot item so act fast. To checkout more Carmine 6 Shirts click the link.

Carmine 6 shirts and joggers to match

Retro 6 Carmine shirts and apparel to match

Carmine 6 Shirts and hoody to match

Carmine shirts to match retro 6 Jordans

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