Kool Kiy "Rookie Card" Colorway Collab??????????

kool kiy bird club sneaker tees colorway

Whether you like it or not, Kool Kiy has definitely made his mark by shaking up the sneaker community worldwide. Originally making breakthrough with the "Support Black Colleges" movement, the Air Kiy (Retro 1) Sneaker Silhouette was born. Causing much hype and dislike simultaneously, one thing we have to respect is the hustle. If you're a sneaker head and you are breathing, you have probably come across at least one color way of the Air Kiy on social media. We've also noticed his passion for using his pedestal to help smaller brands that get no recognition in this shark-filled apparel ocean. Recently Kool posted on IG "Choosing the best design & buying the design from the winner & naming the release after them.." Therefore we decided to give it a shot with our Rookie Card Concept. I'm sure we will be up against some strong ideas but this is our take and we have many more in the vault. What do you guys think? Leave a comment or head to our IG @birdclub06 and drop some flames. Also tag @kool.kiy or @koolkiy.23 to let him know we out here. Other than that we appreciate our thousands of loyal customers and we will continue to drop heat to satisfy your sneaker outfits

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