Kool Kiy brings the heat with a classic Jordan silhouette

Making his already strong presence even stronger, kool kiy has set the internet and social media world on fire. You may not know his face, but you have probably seen pictures of his product accompanied by his tatted up arm rocking a gold Rolex creeping in from the side.

Kool Kiy sneakers

Several apparel designs such as the hot boys retro print shirt, the famed black college hoodie, which held a strong message in the Support Black Colleges movement have gained him

Originals "Support Black Colleges" Tie Dye Hoodie

great notoriety. But by kiy didn’t stop there, bringing us some custom sneaker heat in collaboration with Reeves Paris. With tons of support comes a lot of backlash from the sneaker community as well. Not phased, Kool Kiy just keeps making bigger and bigger moves, silencing the haters. Using a very similar silhouette of the Air Jordan 1, Kiy and Reeves replaced the notable check with a lightning bolt, teasing us with all kinds of flavors. Down to the details, the sneaker material looks very well constructed with some TLC added to it. The custom printed box adds a little nostalgic retro feel to it and in my opinion, the shoe dust bag sets this product over the top giving it a limited vibe. Along with the sneakers, custom socks and basketballs are also part of the movement. The socks are really simple and clean and also come in an array of colors to match your pair. Recently, the New Jersey native took his talents across the country with a limited pop up in LA. Proving his reach, a line around the corner formed hours before the opening showing how strong his presence is. Check out his IG @kool.kiy for any updates on future events in your city. Check out the images below to see his work. 


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