Jordan Retro 4 Do the right thing Sneaker Tees and release Info

April has been rumored to bring us a pair of Air Jordan 3 renditions themed by an iconic Spike Lee Joint "Do the right thing". These color ways will most likely be interpreted in many monikers but the red, white and green colors represent none other than Sal's Famous Pizzeria, which was a critical setting in the movie, carrying a powerful message. Rumored to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Spike Lee's "Do the right thing", both the white and black pair share the same combination of color representing Sal's Pizzeria and the typical colors on italian pizza boxes. If your able to grab a pair and need clothing to match your kicks, Shop our Air Jordan 4 Sneaker tees for a large selection of Air Jordan 4 Sneaker Tees to match the Do the right thing theme. Browse the rest of the site to view hundreds of other Sneaker Tees to match Air Jordan Sneakers


Jordan retro 4 Do the right thing Sneaker Tees to match


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