Chunky Dunky Ben & Jerry Matching Shirts

Shirts to match the Nike SB Chunky Dunky Ben and Jerry shirt.

With the anticipation of the comeback of Nike's skateboarding department, this Ben & Jerry collaboration is going to be problems. With such detail pertaining to the infamous packaging of the Ice Cream Giant Ben & Jerry, this sneaker entitles all of that and more. If you're looking for shirts to match these sought after shoes look no further. Our take on the Ben & Jerry theme along with skateboarding, tie dye and more helped us construct this sneaker shirt. This colorful design contains all the colors in the sneaker along with the themes this sneaker details. If you are lucky enough to grab yourself a pair grab a Chunky Dunky shirt to match. 

Chunky Dunky Ben Jerry shirts to match

Chunky Dunky Ben Jerry shirts to match

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