Carmine 6 Matching Shirts

As the highly anticipated release of the infamous Retro 6 Carmine Air Jordan sneakers, we've given you a heads up on Matching shirts to accompany your pair perfectly. February 13 marks the date for these iconic sneakers to release and just in time for the sneaker head sweet hearts out there. Check out our extensive collection of Carmine matching shirts with a variety of different design options. Our best selling Retro Carmine 6 shirt is the "Got Mines" shirt. With a play on words this Car"mines" shirt is a perfectly themed shirt showing a Mars Blackmon holding his pair up high. We also have the Barcelona 92 shirt which is the exact background design as a nostalgic NBA trading card. Speaking of trading cards, our Biggie tee which shows a vintage trading card image of the notorious one doing his thing on the microphone. More options are available according to your preference. Shop our Carmine 6 collection and find the right shirt for you. 

Carmine 6 shirts

Carmine 6 shirts to match

Retro 6 Carmine shirts

Carmine retro 6 shirts

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