Air Jordan 3 "True Blue" Sneaker Tees to match


 Searching for a company that offers real sneaker inspired tees and not cartoon shirts to match Jordans. We are flattered to receive numerous emails thanking us for offering non cartoon options and therefore we push to keep bringing the heat. Of course, it all depends on your age, but Bird Club Sneaker tees strives to bring you tees to match your sneakers with a meaning tied to the history of the shoe. With the Air Jordan 3 “True Blue” dropping later in November, Bird Club is offering two options to match your pair perfectly.
    Making it’s first appearance in 2010, Bird Club is bringing back a classic with their “True to the Game” tee. This phrase may have many interpretations, but we focused on the sneaker culture aspect. Rockin’ fakes is a sure No No in the sneaker community and re sellers are not the most liked either. Therefore, staying True to the Game expresses wear what you buy and only rock the real deal. Although we are glad to inspire, don’t be mis informed by other shirts sporting the same phrase.
    Adding another option to match the True Blue 3’s, Bird Club has taken a classic, originally released for the Fire Red 3’s, and switched up the color ways to match the true blue’s. Our GQ magazine cover inspired t-shirt has a young Michael Jordan sporting a tux and ray bans. Surrounded by many of his accomplishments, as magazine articles, this tee can only bring back memories or teach the Lebron era who did it best.
    With these two strong options to match, set yourself apart from the cartoon network and rock some real sneaker inspired tees to match. These are available for Pre-order on the site now and will ship days before the release.


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