Air Jordan 11 Space Jam Release info, shirt to match and more

    The Holiday season is approaching and we all know what that means, Air Jordan 11’s and shopping fiascos. This years Christmas release that’ll make the sneaker heads and parents strategize like never before is the Air Jordan Space Jam 11’s. Seems like the Jordan Brand did some strategizing of their own, because they are also getting ready to celebrate their 20th anniversary of the Warner Bros. movie Space Jam. Bring Bugs Bunny back in time for the release of the sneaker seems pretty well paired to increase the hype. Many dates have surfaced regarding the release of this sought after sneaker. According to the release date is set for December 17. Knowing Jordan Brands sudden change of plans in the past, we need to keep in mind dates such as the usual December 24 and November 15, which happens to be the actual date of the movies release.
    Regardless of the date, finding apparel to match will not be short in options. We cam across a sneaker tee on Instagram by Bird Club Sneaker Tees, known on IG as @birdclub06. They have giving us a taste of one option to match the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam. The shirt presents a starry galactic, space background with a blue and yellow milky way. An outline of a Michael Jordan dunk pose is formed by a series of connecting stars, while the moon replaces a scalding basketball. The concept is dope, the colors are on point and the design is crisp. You can pre order this shirt and many more shirts to match your sneakers by clicking the link.

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