Air Jordan 1 OG shirt to match by Bird Club

Air Jordan 1 OG shirt to match sneakers

With the OG Air Jordan 1 scheduled to release September 3, This original color of what started the sneaker craze will definitely be a well sought after sneaker. Knowing the story of the fines MJ was slapped with every time he wore these sneakers, the designs might be quite the obvious. Bird Club decided to go another route, still incorporating a fresh design. Many of us can agree that sneakers and women go hand in hand, and this sneaker tee by Bird Club hits the ball out the park not once but twice. With the OG 1's hanging around the neck of a nude woman only leaving just enough for the imagination, the play on words puts the icing on the cake. How would you address this design? Nice Ones meaning the sneakers or Nice Ones meaning the...well you know what!? Definitely a different and creative approach. Interested in buy this Air Jordan 1 OG tee then click the link to visit their website. Many more sneaker tees on the site, so scroll through a couple of pages and grab yourself a deal.

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