Rookie Card Inspired Basketball Sneakers set to release in highly limited quantities

Inspired by MJ's career, swag and drive, we decided to take a leap from the free throw line and produce a basketball sneaker. The infamous Rookie Card has been rumored to sell for up to $3 million and has been the sole inspiration behind our Rookie Cards Mint Condition Sneakers. Dressed in Red, Blue and a Soft Cream tumbled leather, the sneakers color way truly represents Jordan's sought after Rookie Card. Yellow trims around the lightning / flame logo also represent details of the trading card. The date 5.16.85 represents the date Jordan was named Rookie of the Year. This classic pair will also include a cased replica of Michael Jordans Rookie card just to add that feel of opening a wax pack of trading cards. Pre orders will open soon and will be a highly limited release. So stay tuned and don't miss out on this one in a lifetime opportunity. 

84-84 Rookie Cards Sneakers

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