Adidas Yeezy 2019 Schedule

Above you will find a wide selection of Adidas Yeezy sneakers scheduled to release in 2019. The Yeezy first made its appearance roughly 4 years ago, and has had a hot hype surrounding the famed producer, musician, artist and what ever else you might want to add, Kanye West. 2018 proved profitable for the German based brand, with the most units sold. Pushing them to undoubtedly continue their streak in 2019. As you can see, Adidas and Kanye aren't shying away from from exclusivity. Although the hype assists the sought after sneaker to sell out instantly, the wide offerings for this year should increase the chances to cop a pair. 

While the focus tends to surround the Air Jordan sneakers, Jordan sneaker tees are not hard to come by. Many selections exist and its all about filtering your style of dress. On the other hand Yeezy tees aren't as vast as the other branded sneakers. You can shop the available Yeezy sneaker tees on site and stay tuned for more options to come in 2019. 

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